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Our approach to building a project involves working through six stages of exploration and construction. Exploration stages involve the use of coaching principles to draw out relevant information, while the construction stages are based on project management principles that are used to build a project. The seventh stage commences once the project has gone live and involves regular coaching to keep it on track.

Idea Coach - Approach

1 Explore


We'll start by exploring key features of your project such as its scope, planning horizon, timelines, and resource requirements. We'll also clearly define your project’s end result and milestones. If more than one person’s involved, we’ll also think about roles and responsibilities.


2 Construct


We’ll then prepare an initial draft of your project plan outlining the findings from the first exploration stage. This will be a high-level plan that outlines indicative timelines, milestones, and stages. You’ll have the opportunity to tweak the project plan and sense-check it before any finer details are built in.


3 Explore


After preparing the initial draft we’ll explore the actions that need to be undertaken to complete the stages within the planning horizon. We’ll think about the major risks (opportunities and threats) that your project could face and also identify any assumptions being made.


4 Construct


We’ll prepare a second draft of your project plan, which will outline in detail the steps to be taken within the stages of the planning horizon. We’ll prepare initial mitigations for the risks identified in the second exploration stage and identify ways in which to verify assumptions.


5 Explore


A project runs effectively when dependencies are highlighted and monitored. A dependency is where one activity is dependent on another. We’ll review the project plan in detail to identify the dependencies between project activities and non-project activities.


6 Construct


We’ll prepare the final draft of your project plan and review its contents to ensure that it's ready to go live. The final project plan will include detailed actions for stages within the planning horizon, a clear description of the overall project result and interim milestones, and a thorough assessment of risks, assumptions, and dependencies.


7 Sustain


Your project plan will need to be developed and refined, as you get closer to the planning horizon. This can be done through regular coaching sessions with Idea Coach to help you update and steer your project in the right direction. The frequency of these sessions will be entirely up to you.

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