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Everything starts with an Idea

“This is a thought-driven world.”


A few short years ago while I was having a conversation with a dear friend, the above words fell out of my mouth quite spontaneously. The phrase has since become my mantra in life and acts as the foundation for all that I build and pursue.


To put it in context, if you're sitting by a window, look out of it right now and make a note of what you see. Everything you see can be put into two categories: man-made and non-man made things.


Everything that's in the category of non-man-made things will belong to the natural world. The rest of the stuff came about as a result of human thinking. Man-made things either work successfully or have failed and had a design flaw that needs to be improved in some way.


The vast majority of successful creations had a clearly defined vision and purpose, which was accompanied by an accurate and methodical plan of construction. Failed creations, however, were not that well prepared. Both the vision and the planning are totally dependent on the quality of your thinking.


You belong to the natural world, but in many ways, you can also consider yourself as man-made. Your life is a product of your own thoughts and at times (especially in your early years) the thoughts of others. Through thinking and planning in a certain way, you have shaped your life to be where it is now, and either you like it or you don't.


It doesn't matter whether we're talking about life or business, your ability to carefully assess and manage your thoughts and turn them into clear plans that work towards realistic destinations is the key to realising a successful result.  


I've worked alongside some of the most influential minds that shaped the UK's economy and financial system at The Bank of England and Deloitte LLP. I've also worked closely with some of the most marginalised and disadvantaged people in society while working in the not-for-profit sector. The insights I have gained from these experiences have affirmed that a high-quality result, be it in life or business, comes about as a result of high-quality thinking and planning.


Prashant Jadav

Certified Life Coach

PRINCE2® Practitioner Certified

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