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All businesses, regardless of their size or ability to generate income, start from the same point: an Idea. The ultimate pursuit of a business owner is to realise that idea at some point in the future, and possibly many more.


The birth of a start-up company is nearly always met by challenges and uncertainties, and this is often the case throughout its early years operating as a small business surrounded by established organisations. Some small businesses grow to become very successful and profitable, while others fail.


A business’s ability to grow and become successful depends on three factors: the vision of the business owner, the design of its long and short-term goals, and the quality of its planning in business management.


While a small business’s size, employee base, and profitability are substantially different to a large one, it’s important to remember that every large successful business started small and met its vision and business management goals by structuring a clear, but flexible path towards success.


Through a unique combination of coaching and project management methodologies, Idea Coach will help you prepare a project plan that supports your business with working towards its goals. You’ll effectively assess and manage risks and cultivate good knowledge management in business. 


There are no restrictions as to when you can implement and use a project plan for your small business. A project plan is an invaluable tool during the pre-start-up and start-up stages, but can also help with managing growth in business. 


Idea Coach will help you realise your vision and goals through the use of coaching and project management techniques and can provide on-going support for the progress you make in your plan. Regular coaching will help with managing business information and create flexibility where it’s required.

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