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I was initially very apprehensive about getting in touch with a life coach. However, having met Prashant, I am glad I did.


At my initial meeting, Prashant wanted to to get to know about myself. I felt very comfortable with opening up to Prashant and explaining my personal circumstances to him. He then made me aware that he was in a position to guide/help me move forward in my life and set out a plan for me. The plan was very structured and focussed on the key areas that I needed some development on.


He helped me to understand what my core values are and how to overcome any concerns, with solutions to mitigate these concerns. I feel Prashant is great at what he does and is a very professional individual. I would not hesitate recommending him to my friends and family.


Amar V

When I initially met Prashant, I had a very vague idea and was not sure what to do or how to approach the project now with Prashant's help I am pleased to say I have an actionable concept. 


Over several sessions Prashant has helped me to solve many problems, his approach is meticulous and thorough, he will ask the right questions to identify possible solutions and then help identify the right solution along with a plan of action. Over several sessions with Prashant I have noticed he never tells you what to do, but subtly helps you figure it out.


He is very adaptable and has no difficulties tackling issues he is unfamiliar with. Through working with Prashant I feel I have gained transferable skills I can apply to other areas of my life, such as structured goal setting and dealing with setbacks. Prashant has my highest recommendation, I am looking forward to more sessions with him and am confident he can help business's to achieve their goals and strive toward high achievement.


Amit O

I was looking for some support in my personal life when I randomly came across Idea Coach. After meeting with Prashant I decided this was something I would like to do. I appreciated the fact that Prashant confirmed the sessions were confidential as this allowed me to be more open.


I found the sessions to be a real insight. I benefited from sharing what was going on with me, and Prashant looking at the information given and providing explanations and suggestions about how to handle things better.


I feel the strategies provided were really helpful, and when applied, moved several aspects of my life forward. I would definitely recommend Idea Coach if you are stuck in a rut and want to change your life!!


Amarjit K


The coaching sessions I had with Prashant Jadav were really useful as we discussed and identified my skills and strengths and appropriate working environments. Even though I am a university graduate, the sessions really motivated me to focus more on my strengths than my weaknesses. We also discussed the best way to achieve my targets. I am now also using a clear structure and a set deadline to achieve my goals. He is a very calm and patient person as he tries to get the best out of you.


Mitesh B


I was very surprised and impressed at the impact on both my personal and professional life. The expertise of the coach and his carefully considered approach throughout has helped immeasurably. I would recommend this process for anyone at a crossroads in their life.


Julie M

It was refreshing and enlightening. It helped me see things in my life and in my heart that I didn’t know were there. It caused me to explore emotions I had previously chosen to run away from, and gave me the opportunity to confront them head on.


I was able to say things out loud that I only thought about and kept inside. There were times when I would just talk and talk and Prashant would sit and listen and he said he was allowing me to process. And that’s what these session have really been about for me. I’ve had the time to process, and the questions Prashant would ask during the sessions, alongside the pre-work, would help probe me in areas that I wouldn’t usually go to.


I really did enjoy it, and I found some of the techniques and psychology behind the brain and how to retain the mind very insightful. This is something that I will carry forward with me.


The most profound part was when Prashant was able to take the information I had given him and he helped me see my purpose – these were things I kind of already knew but he helped to affirm them, and I’m grateful he was able to see those things in me.


Aminata K


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